Third-Party Manufacturing

VEA Impex has been at the forefront of cold chain management and establishing best practices for its clients. We ensure that all temperature-sensitive products like medicines, vaccines, serums, Injectables and many other pharmaceutical products etc., are maintained within specified parameters throughout the supply chain process.

For end-to-end cold chain shipments, our customers rely on our proven expertise in storage and transportation. We help them to manage such critical products, right from production to end-use. With a dedicated team at our disposal to manage all client requirements, that has the necessary experience, we have been able to service the needs of most stringent and product-specific clients. We employ the latest and trusted technologies and this has helped us to earn the trust of our customers through the years.

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VEA Impex has earned the trust of many industry leaders through its expertise and top-end facilities. They have benefited by partnering with us, so could you!