Patient Supply-on Prescription

There are a host of provisions given by Governments of many countries for patients who need medical supplies based on valid prescriptions. Patients who do not have any alternative treatment options can access medicines that are in the final stages of clinical trials or medicines that have received approvals in other countries. We at VEA Impex have the best infrastructure and expertise that helps us source such critical medicines from across the world and deliver them to those in need.

We can facilitate cross-border transport logistics and ensure that the much-needed medicines are delivered with care and assurance to individual patients, with valid prescriptions. Due to many years of superior services, VEA Impex has been able to get access to international databases and pharma supply chains.

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If you are looking for an established organization to supply medicines to patients and an assurance to deliver, VEA Impex is the right name to look for. Contact us today and we shall be happy to respond!