Export Process

India has very detailed and strict export clearance policies and processes for pharmaceuticals.

A follow of order:

  • Inquiry is received via the source
  • A quotation is provided with evaluating the best alternatives
  • Once the quote is accepted, we procure the order from certified manufacturers having relevant licenses like WHO, GMP, ISO, etc.
  • The order is packed with packing standards and is sent for clearance.

Steps involved in clearance process:

Dispatch process:

  • Once the above process is done we ship the parcel in the said mode/way of transport.
  • A tracking ID is sent to the customer for reference
  • Tracking updates are provided at regular intervals until delivery
  • Delivery update is provided on email with receiver details for record.

We are proud to share that due to the detailed process followed by us, so far we have never had any issues of counterfeit in our organization.