This is designed for self Testing Blood Glucose, Use Only With the SD CHECK GOLD Blood Glucose Meter Pack Containing 100 Test Strips Inside , SD Check Gold Blood Glucose Test Strip ( Containing100 Strips Inside) is a brilliant diabetic care product for diabetic patient to monitor the blood sugar level on a regular basis and keep a check on it. Regular blood glucose testing with monitoring system can provide you with information on how your treatment program affects your blood glucose level and can also help you keep your diabetes under control. You can also carry and use the strips while you are travelling and keep your blood sugar level under control all the time. Design This diabetic care product has an ergonomic design and is really easy to use. Sd Check Gold Strips Pack of 100 is primarily used for self-testing the blood sugar level, these strips are aptly designed for people on the go. You need to simply put a small drop of blood on the strip and get fast results without any hassles of going to the doctor. Now you can check your blood sugar level within the comfort of your home. The product is light weight and compact which makes it easy to carry around. Features These GOLD ELECTRODE strips are easy to use and easy to handle. These strips uses only 0.9ul of blood sample. The product employs Glucose Oxidase (GOD) Chemistry, which does not respond with other glucose such as icodextrin, maltose in the blood so that you can test safely. The gold electrode is more conductive and stable than common carbon electrode. Laser Patterning ensures an excellent repeatability by super precision electrode pattern. It is a Coded (Code Chip Require d) Strips

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